Our Story

In 2015, husband and wife team Ken and Natalie Wood made it their mission to create a brand that would be a positive light in the fashion industry. A brand that was focused on designing beautiful, affordable luxury jewelry, but also was rooted with a strong foundation of community. Today, our mission remains to inspire women everywhere to become the Natalie Wood Designs woman - a risk taker, rule breaker, and trend maker in fashion and in life.

Texan-native Natalie grew up with the dream of becoming a doctor. After spending 20+ years making this dream a reality and applying to medical school, she realized that she was being led down a different path.

"Since I could remember, I always loved fashion, design, and art and knew that one day I would own a boutique...that is, after I became a doctor. My heart changed when I started realizing that I could remember what an actress would wear to the Oscars, but I couldn't remember a disease - which is pretty important if you want to be a doctor, right?!"

In 2011, Natalie threw the rule book out the window and opened a women's specialty boutique. After spending years in the retail industry and creating a successful, award-winning boutique, she felt she had more to offer. She learned that there was a brand missing that united high fashion with a strong community for women to share, and that was committed to being a positive influence in the fashion industry. With her background as an award-winning artist, her retail knowledge, and the help of her husband, now business partner, Natalie risked her most valuable asset on her new venture...her name. Thus, Natalie Wood Designs was born.

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