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What I wish I would have learned in my 20s.

What I wish I would have learned in my 20s.

I’m about to turn the big 3-0 this Saturday!  It’s absolutely c r a z how fast your 20s fly by but you know…actually, I’m so excited to turn 30!  My 20s brought so much growth in my life that I’m looking forward to taking my newfound knowledge into another decade and I thought I would share with you the things I really wish I would have known in my 20s.

So…here it is.

  1. Enjoy the journey. That’s the key word – enjoy.  So much of my 20s was spent looking at the future instead of enjoying the present.  I’ve always been the type to make huge goals and I feel as if I’m never satisfied because I’m always looking to what’s next and what goal I can dream up today, but you know what?  I missed out on enjoying the goals I did achieve because I was too focused on what was next.  So enjoy the journey you’re on.  Every single second of it. 

  2. Be intentional about friendships. Early in my 20s I started a retail boutique that required every ounce of my time and then I started Natalie Wood Designs which equally demanded my attention…and still does! During the early stages of growing the businesses I lost touch with a lot of amazing friendships and it’s one of my biggest regrets.  I thought because I was putting every ounce of energy into building the businesses that it was OK to lose touch with friendships. I thought that by taking a break to call or hang out with a friend that I was not giving my all into my work, but holy moly... I could not have been more wrong. So be intentional about friendships.  A quick text, a 5-minute phone call, or a coffee date at least every other month is better than nothing.

  3. Go to the party. My 20s were filled with studying and more studying, and then building 2 businesses.  Let’s just say that I did a very good job of putting fun on the back burner.  I missed out on family functions, birthday parties, concerts, weekend trips…the list goes on.  It wasn’t until later that I got married to Ken that he really helped me not feel guilty about having fun! So you have a major test coming up…a project deadline…a mountain of laundry…or chores a mile long, go to the partybrunch…family gathering! I promise that taking time to enjoy the people you love and living a little refreshes you in a way that checking off your list will never do. 

  4. Don’t worry about what other people think. This one is key, especially in our social media driven society.  And you know what, I still find myself looking at other women’s lives on social media and thinking, “Wow…look at what they’re doing.  Why isn’t that happening in my life?  What am I not doing that they are doing?”  Social media can blur reality in such a crazy way and a lot of my 20s was spent wondering what others thought of me.  Please don’t fall in the trap, soul sista. Don’t worry about what other people think.  God designed YOU.  He didn’t design you be like anyone else so trust when I say it’s so freeing when you decide to be yourself, for yourself.

  5. Live for the Yes! A line that is on repeat in my mind almost every day is, “But what if they say yes.” Throughout my 20s I found myself so anxious to reach out to people for advice/help/business opportunities because of fear.  “What if they say no?  I’m going to feel so foolish. etc. etc.”  You know that company you’re trying to pitch to…that girl you would like to get to know as a mentor…they very well could say NO…but what if they say yes?!  When they say yes, it’s a really good day!  Live for the YES.  You have nothing to lose.  Don’t miss out on opportunities because you didn’t just go for it.

 I would love to hear what you wish you would have known in your 20s...and your 30s!  Please share below.

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