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Real Women, Living Beautifully: Miss Texas Madison Fuller

Real Women, Living Beautifully: Miss Texas Madison Fuller

I love to meet other women who are diving head first into life and making their own luck.  This Saturday, Miss Texas, Madison Fuller, will give you a glimpse into her life, share amazing encouragement, and explain how she continues to "make her own luck" every day.  I hope you feel encouraged and inspired today, soul sista.
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What is your story?
I am a small-town East Texas girl who loves life! Some of my greatest joys are found in meeting new people, fashion, teaching, advocating for pediatric cancer patients, ventriloquism, and the Miss America Organization. I am currently Miss Texas 2018 and had the honor of representing the great state of Texas on the iconic Miss America Stage in Atlantic City this past September. It is a life-long dream come true to be Miss Texas, and I have learned so much about myself from doing this job every day. I’m a better person because of the people I’ve met and opportunities I’ve experienced this year. I'm a graduate of Texas A&M University (whoop!) with a degree in communication. Quickly after graduation, God called me to the classroom and I began spending my days surrounded by 19 five-year-olds who brightened my life more than I could ever possibly imagine. While my teaching career is put on a brief hold, I plan to return to the classroom in Fall 2019! I relentlessly pursue dreams and goals set for myself, but ultimately know I have been blessed with far more than I will ever deserve by a mighty and loving Lord. I love making new friends, tex-mex, Keith Urban, and the color yellow… the world can always use a little sunshine!

What drew you to participating in pageants?

When I was six years old I watched my first Miss Texas pageant on TV and was completely mesmerized by the women who competed and their talent, grace, poise, beauty and intelligence. I told my mom in my living room that night that I wanted to be Miss Texas one day. 18 years later I was crowned on the stage I dreamed of competing on as a little girl. My involvement started with the Lone Star Princess program, a program designed for girls ages 5-12 to be mentored by Miss Texas participants. I was a princess for 2 different Miss Texas’ before beginning to compete in the teen division, and then ultimately the Miss. Not only have I gained so many incredible relationships, experiences and life skills, but the Miss America Organization is also scholarship based and completely paid for my undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University (WHOOP!). I am now working toward my masters of education at Dallas Baptist University completely debt free.

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What are your career aspirations?

I’ve always loved kids, but I never dreamed or imagined that I would end up being a Kindergarten teacher. My degree was in communication, and after working in the corporate marketing world, God called me to the classroom. I LOVE being a teacher. I cannot think of a more rewarding or important profession than being responsible for teaching our future! Once my year as Miss Texas is complete I will return to the classroom to begin my 2nd year of teaching, and I can’t wait!

Were there any valleys or road blocks that came into your way as you were pursuing your dream?  How did you overcome them and what did you learn from it?

Oh absolutely! It’s funny how we can make so many plans for our lives and I am absolutely someone who sets goals for my dreams, but ultimately I know I’m not in control. The most important thing I learned from my Miss Texas experience is that God’s timing is always better than mine. I competed 5 years before achieving my lifelong dream of being Miss Texas, which is a fairly long time to compete for Miss Texas. There were so many setbacks and sacrifices that had to be made, but in the end it was so worth it. Through the process I learned what it truly means to be relentless with your dreams and to trust in God’s timing and plans for your life. I feel extremely grateful for this experience and the path He took me on to get here.

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What is one piece of advice you would give to a woman who is deciding on taking that leap to follow her dreams?

Stay true to YOU. When I finally decided to completely embrace who I was, what I loved and what made me happy…that’s when I found success in my dreams. I encourage any woman who is taking that leap to use every setback, every “no”, and every shortcoming as fuel to reach higher, but don’t change who you are. Not all of our plans or dreams always work out exactly how we want them to, that is a part of life, but there is always something bigger and better in store if you embrace the shortcomings. Looking back on my experiences, every “no” I’ve received has made me into who I am and made each success so much sweeter.

What does the saying "luck has nothing to do with it" mean to you and how do you live it?

I love this! Hard work absolutely pays off and matters. This was a common theme for me when competing for Miss Texas. I was determined to not allow myself to leave a stone unturned when it came to working toward my dreams. The same goes for my teaching career as well as other new dreams I have that I am so excited about! If you have a dream or a passion, relentlessly pursue it!

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How do you live beautifully?

I try to find the good in every situation and every day, and I think that is a great way to live beautifully. Finding joy in small moments, choosing a positive attitude, and wearing a smile. There is still so much good in our world… good, kind, honest and loving people and I have been so blessed to meet so many of them across our great state this year. I find my energy from people, especially kids. I live beautifully by investing in people and choosing joy!

Where can someone learn more about your platform and story?

I recently started blogging, something I’ve always been too scared to do, but finally decided to take the leap of faith and try. You can learn more about me @madisonpaigefuller and the Miss Texas organization here.



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