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Livin' the NWD Life: Pursuing Dreams in Style with Heather King

Livin' the NWD Life: Pursuing Dreams in Style with Heather King

When it comes to making a goal and pursuing it with passion, Heather King knows all about it.

Heather is a Texas girl but currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama as she pursues her dream studying Christian Ministry.  She's also the adorable gal behind The Brunette Cafe Blog.

I asked Heather to share with the NWD community about something she's well versed in: pursuing her dreams in style.

Get her take on the "NWD Life" below, and shop her initial necklace here.

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1. What makes you a NWD woman?

"What makes me a NWD woman is the fact that I'm not looking to live a life that follows trends, but sets trends.  I want to challenge culture to be apart of something bigger than themselves, and change the world.  I want to leave this world more beautiful than how I found it."

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2. How are you pursuing your dreams?

"I am currently attending Highlands College in Birmingham, Alabama studying Christian Ministry in a focus of Pastoral Leadership.  My hope and plans are to start my own women's ministry one day, where I can encourage, counsel and help lead other women into finding what their God given purpose is and how they can live that out."

3. What is your style?

"I am a tad picky when it comes to the jewelry I wear.  Accessories should be accents that bring your overall ensemble together.  They shouldn't fight each other for attention, but complement you.  I am a fan of versatile pieces that I can dress-up or even dress-down when lounging around the house.  I guess that's why, when I found...Natalie Wood Designs, I knew I had found a life-long love."

 4. How do you live out the #NWDLife?

"For me, living out the #NWDLife is standing firm in my faith, and living each day out in pursuit of the plan that God has over my life.  It's loving Him, loving people, living a life of excellence and choosing joy no matter what."


On Heather: 
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