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6 Tips For Traveling With Your Natalie Wood Designs Jewelry

6 Tips For Traveling With Your Natalie Wood Designs Jewelry

6 Tips for Traveling with your Natalie Wood Designs Jewelry

Summer is flying by y'all, and it is time for you hard-working ladies to take those vacations and weekend getaways y'all deserve!  I'm always on the go and I know how difficult it can be to travel with all jewelry, so, here are 6 tips I’ve learned:

1. Choose Wisely

As much as we want to bring our entire closets on trips (I'm guilty of getting close to this!), we just can't...mainly because of that 50 lb. limit! Who else feels lucky when they let 52 lbs. accepted?!  I choose pieces to bring on trips that I know will go the mile and work with multiple outfits I'm bringing.  My go-tos are our signature Believer Earrings, our Logo Pendant Necklace, our Beaded Stacking Cuffs, and our Beaded Hoop Earrings.  All of these pieces work well with just about everything I've packed and bonus is that Parker loves playing with my Logo Pendant Necklace on flights! :)

Believer Drop Earrings | Logo Pendant Necklace | Beaded Stacking Cuff | Beaded Hoop Earrings

2. Travel Day Wear

Wearing your favorite and most comfortable pieces on travel day is a great way to look fabulous and ensure that your bling arrives safely!

3. Natalie Wood Designs Boxes

Of course, the best and most glamorous way to travel with your NWD jewelry is in our custom boxes and bags! Our wood engraved boxes are compact and durable, making them perfect to travel with!

Now, in case you don't have room to bring your jewelry boxes, here are some less conventional ways to keep your jewelry in order while you’re on the go!

4. Cosmetic Bags

I don’t know about y'all but I have a couple spare cosmetic bags lying around and they are an easy way to keep jewelry in order while on vacay.

5. Pill Compartments

For daintier pieces, such as our She’s a Gem Ring and our Classic Teardrop Studs, pill compartments are an affordable and perfect way to keep jewelry separate and safe!

She's a Gem Ring in White Drusy

Teardrop Stud Earrings

6. Plastic Wrap and Ziplocks

To keep your larger necklaces, like our signature Logo Pendant Necklace, from tangling up, individually wrap them in plastic wrap or Ziplock bags. This is such a simple and quick method that can end up being such a lifesaver!

Hopefully these tips help when packing for your upcoming trip so that you can get to your destination and enjoy!

xo, Natalie

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